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  1. 92 10-12-11 spune: sa raspunzi la intrebari, cum te-am rugat mai sus1. cu ce aplicatie rulezi filmul ?2. ti se face ecranul negru si cand te uiti la un film de pe youtube in fuslrcleen? +43V-a ajutat acest raspuns?

  2. Fr. Carlos Urrutigoity for one. It was Bishop Williamson who protected him for quite sometime. In addition, Bishop Williamson has many connections with the far right such as Derek Holland. A few google searches and you will find others. A read through the various SSPX threads on Catholic Truth Society will reveal much info about Bishop Williamson’s associations.

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  6. 1. Don’t totally understand your point. Depends on why you are making graph.2. No – if I understand you. It counts all energy used.3. See graph adjusted for purchasing power.and I don’t understand you final point. It would crash Purchasing power and probably increase energy/unit PP adjusted GDP.

  7. Det er en jungel av gulv og valg når man bygger/pusser opp. Tror man alltid vil finne noe nytt. Vi bygget for 6år siden, da skulle vi ha eikegulv. Det angret vi fort på siden det ikke var så slitesterkt, og det gulnet. Denne gangen vi bygget falt valget på enstavs hvitoljet eik. det er jeg fornøyd med så langt. Umulig å få hakk i det og må ikke vaskes hver dag:)Godt jeg er ferdig med alle valgene! For nå:)Klem fra Margit

  8. Gah! I was excited to read your post until I got to the comments and learned that this fix won’t work for Aperture 3 libraries! So sad. It’s been so buggy lately… slowing down, crashing for no reason, unsupported image file (when the file is jpg or cr2 and worked fine before), and also weird lines going through the images. It’s enough to get me considering switching to Lightroom. Gah!!!!

  9. Dette blir jeg sulten av, flotte bilder. Moreller eller kirsebær, ble ikke noe klokere. Vi har sånt tre i hagen med sånne bær, finner vel ut av det en gang. Ha en fin mandag.Eli og Bella blogg recently posted..

  10. disse:Em resposta a “Tiago Jeronimo em 05 mar, 2009 às 15:10″.Aqui talvez não adiante argumentar contra seus achismos ou predileções/fanboyism,pois o que você considera provavelmente (USAF,IAF etc)como fontes fidedígnas e inquestionáveis eu particularmente busco ver outro ou ambos os lados acerca(você leu os links postados por mim anteriormente?) de um tema não ficando cerceado apenas com visões veiculadas oficialmente por orgãos ou propagandas governamentais (lembra-se de Joseph Goebells?).

  11. I was on a copyright course in London last week funnily enough, and most publishers’ preferred method is to put something out there then hide under a big blanket and hope no-one ever finds them. It’s positively foolproof.If we put this out on a low print run I’m sure we’d slip under the radar…but what happens when the word-of-mouth cult following gets out of control and we’re exposed? A risky business…

  12. In the future, please keep in mind that all of our moderators are volunteers who have day jobs as well as other responsibilities. It may take longer than a few hours or even 24 hours to get a comment approved, especially if it is a first comment. Careful moderation is necessary to maintain as safe a space as possible, but that often results in comments sitting in the moderation queue for a while.

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  14. what i feel the answer to those questions are…is that there really? isnt any specific answer…were all war machines…built to sustain and endure? the fiercest battles of any raging war…we suffer when we have to and live when we can…no matter how impossible the direct hit is to endure…

  15. i can’t begin to imagine what we’d do if something happened to one of our puppies… tho’ i’m confident it would involve having my husband committed (i swear he worries more about our dogs than he ever did about our kids!) glad your little puppy-girl is on the mend… not sure i’d have been civil to the bitc… er, idio… um, … woman who hit her! you’re a good role model for us all. kudos! : )

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  17. To follow Him hard…and to culminate in that spot…where His strong arms gently place you in His desired place…will reveal divine alterations to the dressings He has created for you…How blessed to have His word come through your friend's picture and message…at just the right time….

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  19. >>As an absolute..Riders win races, not bikes. Nino Schurter could have won on a 26″ or 29er.I think it’s 95% rider. 5% equipment. To say that it’s all rider is just plain false. Given that Nino is just winning by a few seconds, I would say that his bike is helping him. I think it is a distinct disadvantage now to be racing XC with a hardtail 26er.

  20. …"En terme de business, je ne suis pas persuadé que ce soit une réussite".En effet, en terme de business, ce n'est pas une réussite!Mais que dire de l'honnêteté, de l'objectivité d'un avis sur un restaurant, de la fiabilité d'un magazine…Dans certaines circonstances, ce genre d'arrangement…(Ici, proposé par un prestataire de service) mais refusé par le restaurateur), cela s'appelle de l'entente illicite…L'entente illicite sur le dos du client peut être considérée comme un délit.

  21. Voor een individueel maakt het, los van religieuze en ideologische achtergronden, qua kosten geen verschil met een gewone hypotheek. Eigendomsrecht vindt ik een moeilijke. Lijkt op huurkoopHooguit dat “Amerikaanse hypotheek toestanden” worden vermeden, indien met zich strikt zou houden aan de islamitische Bank”voorschiften. Maar dat laatse betwijfel ikbanken blijven banken

  22. I have to second Alrenous. It feels like a lot of the ideological distinctions being made are just so much mistaking the map for the territory. Ideology is a narrative under which the things you want to do are morally justified and it's not really much more.

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  28. fed n’a plus 1500 points d’avance : demain, il va perdre 200 points du masters l’an dernier alors que nadal gagnera 360 points pour sa demie à bercy. donc ça peut pas mal bouger au masters… en attendant la grande bagarre à l’OA.

  29. am being prosecuted by the government right now. Phone is being tapped. My house is under surveillance. I am fighting with half baken advocates to get to work. At this time I have a ban to do any activity Aren’t you in Holland? If so that surprises me. I know it’s not as liberal as it’s cracked up to be but blimey Youri, I didn’t know it was that bad.

  30. Me parece una filosofia muy acertada la del perdon radical, no conocemos todas las palabras que Jesus pronuncio sobre este tema , solo las que quedaron constancias a traves de los escritos biblicos y transmitidas a traves de las tradiciones orales.Tengo la intuicion que habria mucha concordancia con este perdon radical que aqui se anuncia en esta weeb.Posiblemente el amor, el perdon, la fe y la Justicia Divina son los cuatro pilares donde el alma se sustenta para crecer y expandirese en un todo universal y eterno.Saludos cordialesVictor Muñoz

  31. Oristela Nascimento disse:Sou de Manaus, participei do coral e intercedi muito pelo grupo e em especial por você. Desde 2009 fiz um propósito para meu irmão que é dependente químico aceitar Jesus de ir para todas as Marchas pra Jesus, e depois da Marcha desse ano para a glória de Deus ele foi salvo. #Creio

  32. Nikki’s tattoo was awesome and Mick Mars deserves the honor. My only criticism of the episode is that it should have entirely revolved around the Crue, rather than cutting to other stories throughout the show. But then again that is the Gears of ROCK bias talking.

  33. Okay, I am Protestant and I do not believe so. (actually this is a rather catholic belief which comes from Anselm of Canterbury – Derek Flood has some articles about this on his blog)For me, God father and the Holy Spirit are one, s it makes absolutely no sense (to me) that the Father would act different from the Spirit.

  34. Thanks for the suggestions, Heather C.! I love my Panton S chairs. They went to our dining table, but they’ve been awful on our wood floors, so to the Music room they go! We’ll have to see about the rugs. I’m pretty rug deficient at this point, but I’ve been looking into investing some money on pretty rugs. Maybe even making a couple for myself. We shall see. Ira – I didn’t paint the rooms upstairs (except for the office – but more on that later). The warm grey walls are my favorite! Just a testament to the good taste that the previous owners had.

  35. I just a quite civil exchange with one of caRreonS daughter on twitter I pointed out that many of us are angry that we can see our selves receiving such letter and being unable to afford a lawyer to advises Us and to have no way to respond from the extortionate attempt. Her response was reasoned and respectful, so there is hope for the family after all.

  36. And that's another one…dang, you're on a roll,…I've never heard a black guy ever use the term "dang" in real life. Nor "gosh", "gee whiz" or "golly geez" either. That only happens in movies and sit coms written by white gay men who grew up shealtered in the Midwest.Truth needs to join a radical Rev. Wright congregation to get some black authenticity or he's going to lose the black vote on iSteve.

  37. Gratulerer med masse besøk pÃ¥ bloggen din. Flotte brikker du har sydd. Du er sÃ¥ flink til Ã¥ sy. Dette vil jeg jo være med pÃ¥. Skal prøve Ã¥ fÃ¥ lagt en link pÃ¥ siden min i løpet av morgendagen. Ønsker deg ei herlig uke 🙂

  38. Fran – we can have buying pools without government. We used to do a lot through mutual societies before the state got big. We used to fund retirement schemes build telephone exhanges (in the US) and even set up schools and hospitals through voluntary collectives. I agree that there are benefits to be had from pooling resources but this is not the same as saying that coersion increases welfare.

  39. सागरनाझ माझा विक पॉइंट होता. १९८८ च्या सुमारास काय तिथे आमचा संध्याकाळचा अड्डा असायचा. मस्त होती जागा ती. तेंहा वेस्टएंड पण जुनी बिल्डींग होती..समोसा तर अप्रतीमच. अजूनही मिस करतो तसा. समोसा.. सहज आठवलं लिहिण्याच्या भरात म्हणून लिहिलं नाझ बद्दल.

  40. O Manifesto para mim é apenas um sinal da loucura em progresso. Poderia lá estar fosse o que fosse, até a doutrinação do Jim Jones que não mudava o essencial: a obsessão numa coisa qualquer que provocasse tragédia.Veja por exemplo a história de

  41. Everyone that is willing to carry this great man’s vision, before the sad day that he passes from us, We need to start the transition. Our revolution into the time of human/technology/nature need to begin before we reach the breaking point. We cannot allow the clean up of the Earth take longer then expected because of us waiting for a collapse of this system.

  42. Hi Sarah,BOOKS is a huge temptation for me! I’ve gotten a bit better since I started reading mostly ebooks, but I still have a ton of print books on my bookshelf I haven’t read yet…~Amy

  43. I do disagree about the money in politics. The money that people give to a politician is their constitutionally protected political right. A better solution is to allow anyone (any person) to give as much as they want without limit. But it must be after tax money and not bundled, i.e. given by the individual directly to the politician they support. And all donations must be made fully public within 24 hours. That would shine the light on the money in politics and eliminate the unions and illegal donations.

  44. Hola Ramón, gran comentario, como siempre.Sobre mis comparaciones, que quede claro que sólo la comparo en que ambas cuentan historias que transcurren en pocos días, aparte de eso, no creo que se parezcan casi en nada.Beautiful Girls, tengo que verla otra vez, me la apunto para el videoclub.Y que más se puede añadir de Apocalypse, tal vez solo un “¡no somos dignos! ¡no somos dignos!”.Gracias por tu comentario, un saludo a Salamanca!

  45. There seems to be some serious bugs in the "stable" version of Chrome 18. I'm currently developing a web app that has been working flawlessly in 17 and now crashes frequently. I've read reports online of Facebook, Rdio and even Google+ having the same problems. Are you guys aware and/or looking into this? It's a huge deal for us, we were going to launch a public beta next week and we're requiring Chrome Frame for IE which I assume has the same issue. Ugh.

  46. yeah. thank god, this happened because the greedy little bugger would have taken so much of the completions customers away they would have closed down. Seriously, how much would he have sold a day? 20 bucks worth. jeez

  47. Yay it\\’s up! I was getting worried there for a second. Vz fb rkpvgrq jr\\’ir ernpurq Fgevqre, naq Ghrfqnl jr\\’yy trg gb N Xavsr va gur Qnex. FB RKPVGR! Znex vf tbaan sernx jura Sebqb trgf fgnoorq.

  48. Chaloux, il n’en restera que quelques modèles relevant du « fantastique », je crois. Le péché n’est plus ce qu’il était, et les quelques « trucs » vraiment concrets (à mon sens) qui éclairaient et chauffaient les angoisses spirituelles auront été avalés par le cinéma ou les techniques qui lui succéderont. C’est drôle, on parle de style correct, de langue tenue, et moi ce que j’ai aimé surtout, c’était le visuel qu’ils supportaient, chez Green.

  49. Voilà comment on fait passer muscade : “souvent au passé” !!!!!! —Eh NON, Presque toujours au présent puisque “WHEN” vient avant.La_Mer, essayez de remettre la main sur les lentilles arrachées des yeux d’A1528 par un certain Huit Beaufort (un sale type en tous cas) et utilisez-les pour relire nos merdiques histoires de ventilateur. Vous me voyez forcé de vous dire que c’est moi qui ai écrit la phrase avec « when”, pas Rachida.

  50. Seems to me, regarding the “who created God question”, that it is moot at a fundamental level. Space and Time are given existence at the point of the Big Bang. Time and thus causation itself are phenomena given existence by God. The God Theory requires no God Creator as there is no time elapsing and thus no causation that generates His being. God is an infinite. God just is.

  51. "what about the screaming "screw your nappy ugly hair", didn'tanswer that did you? huh?""Anonymous 8:14 and 8:42 (I'm sure you're the same coward). What was your big reaction when Imus called those black females "nappy headed hos"? I hope you equally appalled. Please answer, I'm curious.

  52. As a quiet voice of reason, I’d like to point out that the antivirus element of Sophos is still fully functional, so PCs are not significantly at risk – all that is missing is the updating functionality. As such, there is time to sit back and think about what needs to happen.Yes it’s inconvenient, but not as bad as some other vendors have achieved.

  53. L’importent ce nais pas de gagné mais de participer.Moi quand je fais une compétision ou un concour je le fais car je voulais le faire et non pour gagné c’est juste après que j’ais hate de voir le résultas. Même si je n,ai pas de médaille je me dis que au moin je suis pas arriver dernière mais si j’arrive dernière je me dis que j’ai été contente de le faire et que je peux me reprendre.

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  55. YES!!!!! this is happening here in town!!Also all the neighbours can see your porch, yep! they can, they know you are either drinking under age, and also? They now know your boyfriends name because you just Yelled it across the street! (REVERB!, take some highschool Physics)

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  59. Kent,What you report as the model is not correct. In the technical notes at wagesofwins.com I report the actual model that is estimated. I should also note how this model was derived (its in the paper detailing the model) but I haven’t gotten around to this.

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  62. Full beard! I’m often bummed I didn’t get that gene, but then again he was balding and greying by my age. I think I have my mom’s father’s genes and he had a full head of black hair until 103. He died within 2 years of his first grey, so obviously I’m scared shitless of when I get my first. Not that you asked about my family history…

  63. Might be interested that the federal parliament passed the yesterday. It sets up parliamentary committee to scrutinise new bills and legislative instruments for human rights consistency, and requires all new bills and instruments to have a statement of compatibility why (or why not) they comply with Australia’s human rights obligations. It’s not a human rights act, but it is a human rights something.

  64. Oh Thomas – isn’t that the truth. And here in NZ we see the same thing to a lesser extent. I have friends whose sons have been job hunting forever. They are getting to their forties and now have little or no chance of finding a job even with their university and life, credentials.The plans that many of my friends made for retirement will not happen now. They are living comfortable lives but not in the luxury that they had planned and thought they had provided for.Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  65. Looks like we are rushing toward martial law all over Europe. Perhaps the swine flu will be the excuse they need to shut down democracy in the holy name of national security. Then they can round up all dissidents and put them in camps. The dissidents will not be the muslim population. It will be us. So if the camps will turn out to be just reschooling camps, working camps or pure evil nazi death camps is anybody’s guess. Maybe a combo of all three?

  66. Pues me alegra que esté usté bien. A mí una vez también me atropellaron, y tampoco pasó nada. Bueno, sí pasó. Se me incrustaron en la mandíbula los incisivos superiores al comerme una alcantarilla. Que ya es mala suerte, porque la bici frenó un poco antes de chocar.Y tampoco se incrustaron tanto, es lo que tienen los dientes de leche. Bueno, lo que no tienen. Raíces.Si, vale, solo fue un topetazo. Pero con cuatro años todo se ve muucho mas grande. Y peor.

  67. , I don’t believe all rapes are gendered in this way, and I’m not sure if this one was either. This is not the angle I would have written about it from, but I’m not the writer.I also don’t want to shut you down. I think it’s important when discussing rape to have a dialogue that doesn’t erase anyone’s experiences. Bearing in mind that this was the lens she was analyzing it from, is there something she could have said to make it a more inclusive conversation?

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